PROTIQ Marketplace Is Now Active in the Field of Medical Technology

Our range is growing: due to a cooperative arrangement with Condor® Custom Solutions GmbH & Co. KG, which is certified for 3D printing of medical products, the PROTIQ Marketplace now also supplies the medical technology sector and thus another important area of application for additive manufacturing.

3D-Printed Medical Components

The rapid development of technology and the growing selection of usable materials are both opening up new possibilities for additive manufacturing. This has long since been recognized in the field of medical technology. Complex products such as hearing aids and surgical instruments from the 3D printer are now part of everyday medical life. Internal and external prostheses can be tailored to the patient, while surgical tools can be custom-designed for specific applications and produced in the shortest time on the basis of 3D data. Even true-to-the-original models of organs, with which operations can be planned even better in advance, are already additively manufactured. Additive manufacturing is thus opening up completely new possibilities for medical operations as well as for the treatment and post-treatment of illnesses and injuries.

Certified Quality on the PROTIQ Marketplace

Additively manufactured products must meet extremely high requirements to be suitable for use in medical applications. Incompatible materials or processing defects can have devastating consequences, as the health of patients is on the line. The EN ISO 13485:2016 standard regulates the quality management requirements for medical devices. With the entry of Condor MedTec GmbH into the PROTIQ Marketplace, there is now a supplier that meets these defined standards and is therefore certified to 3D print components slated for medical use.

A Future-Oriented Collaboration

Founded in 1997, Condor MedTec GmbH and its affiliate Condor Custom Solutions GmbH & Co. KG, based in Salzkotten, manufacture and distribute ISO-certified products for the medical technology industry – since 2018, by means of 3D printing as well. The portfolio includes devices such as retractors, instrument holders, and positioning aids. Through the collaboration between PROTIQ and Condor, the range of products offered on the PROTIQ Marketplace will be expanded to include the field of additive manufacturing, the relevance of which is likely to increase even further in the future.

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