Easily customize inductors online

Inductive heating is commonplace in the metalworking industry. Automotive and industrial suppliers use this powerful heating process to temper components, among other applications. For efficient use, the induction coils for each application must be specially designed and produced in a time-consuming process. Weeks or even months often pass from receipt of an order to completion of an inductor.

The Inductor Generator, in combination with tool-less production, significantly shortens this lengthy process through the use of 3D printing. Simply select the appropriate basic shape for your application and define the individual parameters, such as the number of turns, coil diameter or the position of the connection. You have six basic shapes to choose from, which you can modularly adapt to your personal requirements with just a few clicks. You will receive your ready-to-use inductor just a few days after the receipt of your order, since with industrial 3D printing production can start immediately!

Advantages of the Inductor-Configurator

  • New, custom design options
  • Economical production due to the modular design and additive manufacturing
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Delivery within a few days of receipt of the order
  • Guaranteed printability of the 3D models
  • Compliance with all EU data protection laws

Highly conductive copper for 3d printing



E modulus

70 +- 10 GPa

ZTensile strength

219 +- 10 MPa

Electric conductivity

bis zu 50 MS/m

Create application-specific inductors in four easy steps

Step 1: Select basic shape

Choose the optimal geometry for your needs from six standard shapes for internal or external inductors.

Step 2: Configure inductor

Set your desired dimensions based on height, cross section and diameter. Also specify the number of turns as well as the diameters and spacings of coils and channels.

Step 3: Defining the connection element

Optionally, you can provide each inductor with a mount. You can also customize the dimensions of the base plate.

Step 4: Complete the order process

The price of the configuration of your inductor is automatically determined online for you. Choose one of the numerous convenient online payment methods and use our worldwide delivery service.

Copper in 3D printing – an exceptional challenge

Your inductor will be 3D-printed using selective laser melting. Since copper almost completely reflects the rays of conventional laser melting equipment, many 3D printing service providers use alloys with a relatively low copper content. The conductivity of the components made from such alloys, however, is often unsatisfactory. PROTIQ has succeeded in developing a unique process that can be used additively to process high-conductivity copper. This makes us one of the first 3D printing providers able to produce copper inductors of the highest industrial quality.

Unique copper inducers from 3D printing.

Try our configurator!

Do you have any questions?

We will be happy to advise you personally regarding your 3D project.

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