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The founders of PROTIQ Marketplace have extensive additive manufacturing expertise. The subsidiary of the Phoenix Contact Group uses state-of-the-art machinery to produce innovative 3D objects made of metal and plastic.


The PROTIQ branch in Middletown, Pennsylvania specializes in high-quality industrial 3D printing. The development and manufacturing facility in the USA makes it possible to process and deliver orders from the American region in the shortest possible time.

FKM Sintertechnik GmbH

With its extensive machinery and more than 20 years of experience, FKM is one of the largest providers of selective laser sintering or laser melting. The company manufactures high-quality plastic or metal 3D objects for a wide range of applications.

Steinbach AG

Steinbach AG is a globally successful industrial service provider headquartered in Detmold (NRW) with offices in Shanghai, Charlotte/USA, Taipei and Brisbane. Steinbach AG produces filigree and high-resolution (micro) components from technical ceramics.

Stern 3D GmbH

For more than 60 years, the name Stern stands for reliability and precision. Since the beginning of 2018, this has also applied to the additive manufacturing subsidiary Stern 3D. With a large number of Multi Jet Fusion printers of the HP brand, the company has one of the largest capacities of HP 3D printers in Europe and is therefore one of the leading experts for the process in Germany.

D3D Additive Manufacturing GmbH

The company D3D Additive Manufacturing has established itself as a service provider for additive metal manufacturing due to its wide range of products, the high quality and the various materials it can process. Their customers consist of well-known companies from various industries, ranging from small machine builders to large aerospace companies.

Franken Guss GmbH & Co. KG

The owner-managed company Franken Guss has established itself for over 90 years as an expert in iron and aluminium casting and is one of the largest foundries in Germany. As a supplement to classic casting technology, the innovative company has been offering selective laser melting since 2017 and supplies customers from various industries with high-precision, additive-manufactured metal components.

Ohnhäuser GmbH

Since September 2017, the medium-sized company Ohnhäuser has been manufacturing additive metal components with the highest precision, concentrating on the processing of reactive materials such as titanium.  As a customer, you benefit from the more than 60 years of experience of Ohnhäuser GmbH as a supplier of components and assemblies for aviation and other industries.

Trovus Tech GmbH

Since 2017, the young company Trovus Tech GmbH from Roding in Bavaria has been manufacturing additive-manufactured metal components with high quality standards and has set itself the goal of establishing selective laser melting as a process worldwide. In addition, the company offers workshops and design services in the field of 3D printing.

CONDOR® Custom Solutions

The owner-managed company Condor® Custom Solutions GmbH & Co. KG, based in Salzkotten in East Westphalia, is one of the leading manufacturers and service providers for wire EDM technology, milling technology and surface finishing.  The demanding service package is realized by highly qualified employees, supplemented by an equally competent partner network.  Since 2018, additive manufacturing has expanded the product portfolio. 

Additive Elements GmbH

Additive Elements GmbH from Planegg-Munich expands the process portfolio of the PROTIQ Marketplace with the Binder-Jetting by a further technology, with which especially large components can be produced cost-efficiently and quickly. The young company is constantly working on innovative solutions to advance material development and fully exploit the advantages of the process. Through their initiative, reliability and quality, they offer their customers a significant added value. 

Elkamet Kunststofftechnik GmbH

The family business Elkamet Kunststofftechnik GmbH from Biedenkopf in central Hessen has been known since 1955 for its quality, the joy of innovation and the high level of employee motivation. Additive manufacturing was the latest process to be introduced at Elkamet, enabling them to manufacture high-quality plastic and metal parts using four different additive technologies.

Oceanz B.V.

The professional 3D printing company has been manufacturing additive plastics (SLS) for several years. They produce components for various industries such as the automotive industry, medical technology, robotics and aerospace. Together with their customers, they develop 3D printing innovations that make the difference in every production process. The result: cost savings, reduction of failure costs and increasing production capacity.

Murtfeldt Additive Solutions GmbH

Murtfeldt combines classical industrial competence with the diverse possibilities of industrial 3D printing. As a young company, Murtfeldt attaches great importance to a close exchange with partners and clients. Thus a steady growth could be ensured and Murtfeldt has established itself as a strong partner in the region as well as with customers and suppliers. The offer covers the complete product development chain: from consulting and development of a component, through production, various post-processing and finishing techniques to delivery and assembly - individually tailored to the wishes and needs of the customer.


SteriPack was founded over 25 years ago in Ireland out of a desire to improve the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Through the use of the CLIP™ process developed by Carbon, SteriPack is now able to design, develop and additivem manufacture one-off prototype or short-run projects that would otherwise be too expensive to produce using conventional manufacturing methods. They are also one of the first official Carbon Certified Production Partners and part of the Carbon Production Network. This network consists of leading service providers who have implemented Carbon's technology and demonstrated advanced capabilities in additive manufacturing, design and production.


Since 1995 PROTOTEC GmbH & Co. KG offers 3D printing and rapid prototyping technologies such as stereolithography (SLA), selective laser sintering (SLS), fused deposition modeling (FDM), selective laser melting (SLM) and vacuum casting. For these technologies, they also offer additional services such as grinding, polishing or coloring, painting and assembling assemblies. With this range of services, PROTOTEC is able to realise almost all customer wishes and requirements at short notice and at low cost.

3D-WW GmbH

3D-WW GmbH, a subsidiary of Blen Metalltechnik GmbH, is breaking the boundaries of conventional manufacturing processes with the help of additive manufacturing. The ISO-certified company uses SLS technology to produce highly complex components from plastics that are extremely light and stable at the same time. This means that components can be manufactured with maximum functionality and at low cost, even in small quantities.

ModellTechnik Rapid Prototyping GmbH

ModellTechnik started in 1990 with five employees who were exclusively concerned with the revolutionary stereolithography (SLA) process. In the following years they expanded their services to the areas of selective laser sintering (SLS) and metal laser sintering (MLS). The wide-ranging portfolio of manufacturing and finishing processes can individually manufacture and assemble each idea in the replacement material as well as in the original material.


KOLIBRI Metals GmbH is an expert when it comes to the development and additive production of high-carbon steels with up to 65 HRC. Materials which have been mostly neglected in additive production (e.g. 1.3343, 1.2344, 1.2343), but are industrial standard, are the specialty of KOLIBRI Metals. The range of applications extends from toolmaking and mould making to the fastening industry or even the manufacture of precision tools.

3D-Laserdruck Gbr is part of a group of companies based in Reutlingen. In the field of 3D metal laser melting, we have comprehensive process and development know-how and cover all necessary services from previous consulting and design to realization, heat treatment, mechanical processing and surface refinement under our own responsibility.

Through continuous process and parameter optimization we produce your components in constant series quality.

Böhl - Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG

At home in the world of plastics since 1996 - the company is active in the three business areas of plastic injection moulding, mould making and additive manufacturing.

Where black powder used to be produced in the powder mill in Bad Berleburg, high-quality plastic parts have been coming off the assembly line since 1996 - in today's family-run Böhl plastics injection moulding plant.


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