Alternative processes

Training needs

Additive processes are playing an increasingly important role in industry today as an innovative addition to conventional manufacturing methods. In addition to already established methods such as laser melting and laser sintering, new materials and manufacturing processes are constantly being developed in order to improve existing processes and further expand the range of 3D printing applications.

    Training contents

  • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)/ Fused Layer Modeling (FLM)
  • 3D printing with plaster powder (3DP)
  • Laminated object modeling (LOM)
  • Multi-stage processes, e.g.: lithography-based ceramic manufacturing (LCM), BASF metal filaments
  • New developments / current trends

Learning goals

In the "Alternative Processes" module, we introduce you to the lesser widespread 3D printing technologies that produce impressive 3D objects from materials such as paper, plastic film, and ceramics. We also inform you about exciting new developments and current additive manufacturing trends.


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