3D printing services

We have the right solution for every requirement of our business customers

The basis for this is formed by the diverse spectrum of materials and manufacturing processes for industrial 3D printing. The PROTIQ Marketplace range of products is rounded off with important services related to additive manufacturing, such as training, reverse engineering, and finishing.

Optimized for B2B customers

Developed based on years of experience with industrial customers, our platform has many features that actively support your business processes. For example, there are convenient approval and ordering processes available to you and the option of uploading entire assemblies in the configurator and saving them as a project shopping cart.


Inductive heating is an effective treatment for electrically conductive materials. For various applications, inductors made of highly conductive copper in specific shapes are needed. With the inductor configurator of the PROTIQ Marketplace, you can easily design induction coils according to the modular principle suitable for many industrial applications.

Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping refers to all manufacturing processes that are used to produce prototypes directly from CAD data. The term developed around the same time as the first 3D printing process, stereolithography. At the PROTIQ Marketplace, you can easily upload the 3D data for your prototypes online and configure it to your requirements. We are always available for personal advice as needed.

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Rapid manufacturing

Additive manufacturing directly from CAD data makes it possible to produce components with 3D printing immediately and without additional waiting times. Companies that rely on the rapid availability of certain components benefit from this time saving, for example. Spare parts for machines, for example, can be produced within a very short time and thus significantly reduce downtimes.

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Rapid tooling

Rapid tooling covers all manufacturing processes that are used to produce tools or tool inserts quickly and directly from CAD data. In industrial 3D printing, PROTIQ and the partners of the PROTIQ Marketplace produce tool inserts for injection molding of engineering plastic or copper contacts with high electrical conductivity, for example. An essential advantage of additive manufacturing for toolmaking is the exceptional design freedom. The layered construction of 3D objects allows the integration of functional elements or internal structures.

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3D data check

Your 3D data is automatically checked for printability by the PROTIQ Marketplace. This procedure guarantees a consistently high product quality. After you have uploaded your 3D data, the Marketplace software checks the file for manufacturability. Small errors are fixed automatically. If you have major errors, you will be informed before printing and asked for approval with the aid of a print preview.

TIP:Upload your file and have it automatically fixed by our software. You can then download the corrected file under the item “File Info.” The file will also be saved in your account.

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We refine prototypes, tool components and other components according to your wishes and requirements. Our finishing processes include painting (or coloring), blasting, polishing and infiltration. We are also happy to put together assemblies made of 3D printed individual parts according to your specifications.

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Reverse engineering

You have an item that you want to imitate in 3D printing, but have no 3D model? We will create the right data for you with a 3D scan. The PROTIQ Marketplace design department will check your object for feasibility, discuss the necessary parameters with you, and professionally scan the object. Please contact us to make an appointment.

Customizable products

Would you like to get an impression of PROTIQ Marketplace’s high-quality printing quality, or would you like to give a special person an extraordinary, unique gift? Choose one of our customizable products and design it to your personal requirements.

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3D printing training

Are you planning your own entry into industrial 3D printing or would you like to deepen your knowledge about additive manufacturing in order to optimize the design processes in your own company? We are happy to share our expertise from years of practical experience with you. We will teach you the basics of industrial 3D printing in our training courses.

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Individual consultation

Are you planning an extraordinary 3D project or the development of a new product and want to find out if and how the PROTIQ Marketplace 3D printing service can support you? As part of our individual consultation, we will analyze your requirements and give you a detailed recommendation with regard to the process and the manufacturer selection. Existing 3D datasets can also be checked in personal consultation for their feasibility.

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Are your 3D files ready?

Just upload your data. All files are automatically checked and optimized for printing.

Do you have any questions?

We will be happy to advise you personally regarding your 3D project.

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