Configure custom ICS covers online on the PROTIQ Marketplace

The requirements placed on automation devices are becoming increasingly diverse in Industry 4.0. Increasingly complex control cabinet structures require space-saving and flexible solutions. The modular housing system ICS (industrial case system) from Phoenix Contact offers precisely such solutions. The range has now been supplemented by a new online configurator on the PROTIQ Marketplace that helps custom-design ICS covers – for a better overview in the control cabinet.

Online configurator for customized housings and covers

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not only responsible for a greater number of components in the control cabinet, it also ensures an increased and more varied transfer of data. This requires appropriate connection technology that should also be flexible in order to meet the many different plant construction requirements. The ICS housings from Phoenix Contact offer ideal and customizable solutions for this: the empty electronic housings are available in graduated sizes, with 8-pin DIN rail bus connectors and innovative, variable connection technology for standardized connections such as RJ45, USB, D-SUB and antenna sockets. An online tool can be used to configure the housing’s shape, color and equipment as required. The new ICS cover configurator from PROTIQ has now been added to the range. The 3D printing experts from Blomberg have created great added value for the control cabinet: individually labelled covers improve the overview and thus help speed up operation.

Customize your housing cover in only a few steps

Operating the ICS cover configurator could not be simpler: the dimensions of the housing cover, the functional area, desired holes and cut-outs, geometries, color design as well as logos and texts are defined step by step. Each processing step can be traced visually in real time based on a 3D model. You can order the 3D-printed model as soon as configuration is complete. PROTIQ uses rapid prototyping to manufacture your product. Also referred to as 3D printing, this method enables the production of customized geometries, including a wide variety of recesses, in a single construction process based on CAD data. This makes additive manufacturing the fastest and most convenient way to produce high-quality prototypes. As a reliable partner, Phoenix Contact is available to its customers for serial manufacturing of the custom-designed ICS cover even after production.

Try it out and configure ICS cover now!

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