3D printing technologies specialist training course (IHK)

Training requirements

Additive manufacturing methods are already of great importance in industry today and their relevance is steadily increasing. The process of building components layer by layer using 3D printing has opened up completely new possibilities: components that were once impossible to manufacture using conventional ablative and recasting techniques can now be realized without problems. For example, the layered structure allows the implementation of cavities, complex geometries and movable elements in a single construction process. Fully exploiting the potential of 3D printing technologies requires extensive specialist knowledge, which you will learn in the new certificated IHK course.

    Course content

  • Fundamentals of additive manufacturing / 3D printing
  • 3D data handling
  • 3D printing design
  • Post processing
  • Practical component: Creating 3D projects
  • Excursions to manufacturers, dealers and/or users
  • Proof of performance

Learning objectives

The nationwide training course, which the IHK Lippe zu Detmold (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) is offering in cooperation with PROTIQ, provides you with extensive specialist knowledge on the use of the various additive manufacturing processes. The seminar comprises six modules spread over a total of 64 teaching hours. Starting with the fundamentals of 3D printing, participants are provided with multi-layered expertise about the individual process steps to enable them to create 3D projects independently. We will also provide an insight into the practical application of additive manufacturing processes through a detailed look at our production department. After the successful completion of the course, graduates receive the “3D printing technologies specialist (IHK)” certificate.


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